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model rocket on stand

Three, Two, One - Launch! Launch! Launch!

Movie Number   EM-0070-07
Movie Date   June 1, 2011
Formats   854X480 QuickTime Movie (12 MB)
854X500 Closed Captioned QuickTime Movie (12 MB)
960X540 QuickTime Movie (158.5 MB)

Hundreds of fourth-through-sixth grade students from the California high desert communities of Mojave and California City recently participated in the seventh annual Intermediate Space Challenge rocket contest at the Mojave Air and Space Port. The challenge introduced science, technology, engineering and math through the hands-on experience of building and launching a rocket. (Movie duration 1:05 min)

Keywords   Intermediate Space Challenge, rocket contest, Mojave Air and Space Port, science, technology, engineering, math, movie, collection
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