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Schweizer 1-23E painting

Paul Bikle's Record Altitude Sailplane Flight

Movie Number   EM-0070-05
Movie Date   March 2011
Formats   854X480 QuickTime Movie (24 MB)
854X480 QuickTime Movie (24 MB) closed caption
960X540 QuickTime Movie (73 MB)
960X540 QuickTime Movie (328 MB)

On a cold and windy February afternoon 50 years ago, the late Paul Bikle, then director of NASA's Flight Research Center, soared into the stratosphere with one goal in mind - a world altitude record for unpowered sailplanes. Less than two hours later, Bikle and his Schweizer 1-23E sailplane had reached an altitude of 46,267 feet - a remarkable record that would stand for 25 years. (Movie duration 2:07 min)

Keywords   Paul Bikle, sailplane, sailplane altitude record, Schweizer 1-23E, movie, collection
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