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Masten Xombie in flight

Highest, Longest Flight To Date for Xombie and Genie

Movie Number   EM-0111-02
Movie Date   March 25, 2013
Formats   854 x 480, QuickTime Movie (16.3 MB)
1280 X 720 QuickTime Movie (210.6 MB)

Masten Space Systems' Xombie space-access technology demonstrator recently flew its highest and longest flight to date, guided by Draper Lab's GENIE navigation and control system that is designed to replicate the speed and angle of a planetary approach. Xombie Ascended more than 1,600 feet above ground and flew almost 1,000 feet laterally before making a pin-point vertical landing on another pad. (Duration 1:23)

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Keywords   NASA's Flight Opportunities Program, Draper Laboratory, Guidance Embedded Navigator Integration Environment, GENIE, Masten Xombie, Masten Space Systems, XA-0.1B, Mojave Air and Space Port

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