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F-18 in steep dive

NASA Quiet Sonic Boom Research Effort Ends With a Whisper

Movie Number   EM-0091-04
Movie Date   November 2011
Formats   854X480 QuickTime Movie (18.1 MB)
854X480 Closed Captioned QuickTime Movie (18.1 MB)
1280X720 QuickTime Movie (103.6 MB)

The Waveforms and Sonic boom Perception and Response, or WSPR, project, gathered data from a select group of more than 100 volunteer Edwards Air Force Base residents on their individual attitudes toward sonic booms produced by NASA F-18 aircraft in supersonic flight over Edwards. WSPR's primary purpose is to develop data collection methods and test protocols for future public perception studies in communities that do not usually experience sonic booms.

Keywords   NASA, Dryden Flight Research Center, Waveforms and Sonic boom Perception and Response, WSPR, sonic booms, movie, collection
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