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NASA Flight Tests Explore Supersonic Laminar Airflow

Movie Number   EM-0078-04
Movie Date   June 10, 2013
Formats: 854 X 480 QuickTime Movie (10.4 MB)
854 X 500 QuickTime Movie (10.4 MB) Closed-Captioned
1280 X 720 QuickTime Movie (55.8 MB)
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In partnership with Aerion Corporation of Reno, Nevada, NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center's tested supersonic airflow over a small experimental airfoil design on its F-15B Test Bed aircraft during the spring of 2013. Testing the airfoil at actual supersonic speeds enables engineers to capture data that will allow more precise refinement of supersonic natural laminar flow airfoil design. Duration: 55 seconds

› Learn more about the Supersonic Boundary Layer Transition Project.
Keywords   F-15B, Aeronautics Research Test Bed, Supersonic Boundary Layer Transition, SBLT, NASA Dryden, Dryden
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