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SNC Dream Chaser at Dryden Media Event

SNC Dream Chaser Center Stage at Dryden Media Event

Movie Number   EM-0115-02
Movie Date   May 22, 2013
Formats   854 x 480, QuickTime Movie (68 MB)
854 x 500, Closed-Captioned QuickTime Movie (68 MB)

During a visit to NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center on May 22, 2013, NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden spoke at a media event showcasing Sierra Nevada Corporation’s (SNC) Dream Chaser flight test vehicle that had recently arrived at the center. Bolden, a former Marine Corps pilot and space shuttle astronaut, also flew a simulation of the Dream Chaser's approach and landing profile at Dryden. (Duration 2:07 minutes)

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Keywords   NASA Dryden Flight Research Center, Dream Chaser, captive-carry, free-flight tests, HL-20

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