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SNC's Dream Chaser Arrives at NASA Dryden for Tests

Movie Number   EM-0115-01
Movie Date   May 15, 2013
Formats   854 x 480, QuickTime Movie (64.3 MB)
1280 X 720 QuickTime Movie (153.8 MB)

Sierra Nevada Corporation Space Systems' Dream Chaser engineering flight test vehicle, arrived at NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center in Edwards, Calif., May 15, 2013 to begin tests of its flight and runway landing systems. Wrapped in plastic with its wings and tail structure removed, the Dream Chaser test article was transported overland from the company's facility in Louisville, Colo.

Tests at Dryden during the summer of 2013 involve tow, captive-carry and free-flight tests of the Dream Chaser, which is based on the HL-20 lifting body design developed and tested at NASA's Langley Research Center.

The tests are part of pre-negotiated, paid-for-performance milestones with NASA's Commercial Crew Program (CCP), which is facilitating domestic companies' development of spacecraft and rockets that can launch from American soil into low-Earth orbit to transport crew and cargo to and from the international Space Station and perform other research missions. (Duration 2:04 minutes)

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Keywords   NASA Dryden Flight Research Center, Dream Chaser, captive-carry, free-flight tests, HL-20

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