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DROID and technicians

NASA Dryden's DROID Flight Tests Auto-GCAS

Movie Number   EM-0109-01
Movie Date   October 2011
Formats   854 x 480, QuickTime Movie (20.4 MB)
854 x 480, Closed Captioned QuickTime Movie (20.5 MB)
1280 X 720 QuickTime Movie (226.5 MB)

NASA Dryden Flight Research Center's DROID sub-scale test bed aircraft is moving up to the flight test big leagues! The center's Automatic Collision Avoidance Technology team is conducting test flights of new software architecture on the radio-controlled large model aircraft to demonstrate that even the simplest flight systems may benefit from Automatic Ground Collision Avoidance software.

Keywords   NASA Dryden's DROID flight research aircraft, Automatic Collision Avoidance Technology (ACAT), Ground Collision Avoidance System, ACAT Auto-GCAS software.
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