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Air Force's First C-17 Flies into Retirement

Movie Number   EM-0075-05
Movie Date   April 23, 2012
Formats   854 X 480 QuickTime Movie (8.7 MB)
854 X 480 Closed Captioned (8.7 MB)
1280 X 720 QuickTime Movie (59.5 MB)
C-17 Still photos of this aircraft are available in several resolutions at

The U.S. Air Force has retired its first C-17 transport after 21 years as a flight test aircraft and use in joint NASA-USAF propulsion research. NASA research pilot Frank Batteas, who was an Air Force test pilot on the C-17 for four years before coming to NASA, was on the flight crew for the C-17's ferry flight from Edwards Air Force Base to the National Museum of the Air Force in Dayton, Ohio.

Keywords   C-17, Globemaster III, Frank Batteas, First C-17 transport retires
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