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Altair Prototype

NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center has partnered with General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc., (GA-ASI) to demonstrate technologies that will expand the capabilities of remotely operated, uninhabited aircraft to perform high-altitude earth science missions. To accomplish the task, GA-ASI is developing an enlarged version of its Predator reconnaissance aircraft, the Predator B, including an extended-wingspan Altair version for NASA, to meet these requirements.
Altair Project Home Page
DFRC Movie # Date Movie Description
EM-0059-01 June 9, 2003 Altair aircraft lifting off on maiden flight
EM-0059-02 June 9, 2003 Altair aircraft landing after maiden flight
EM-0059-03 April 2005 NOAA researchers install and checkout instruments on science mission with Altair remotely-operated unmanned aerial vehicle.
EM-0059-04 April 2005 Remotely-operated Altair departs on a joint NOAA/NASA science mission.
EM-0059-05 April 2005 On a NASA/NOAA Altair science mission pilots control the unmanned, remotely-operated Altair from a ground station.
EM-0059-06 April 2005 Altair unmanned aerial vehicle lands following a joint NASA/NOAA environmental science demonstration flight.

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