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airborne science media day briefing

NASA Airborne Science: Studying Earth From the Air

Movie Number   EM-0051-03
Movie Date   January 2013
Formats   854 X 480 QuickTime Movie (19.5 MB)
854 X 500 Closed Captioned QuickTime Movie (19.5 MB)
1280 x 720 QuickTime Movie (115 MB)
ER-2 aircraft Still photos of the ER-2 and DC-8 are available in several resolutions at and
Description   Journalists and social media followers were briefed on the goals of NASA's Earth science program and a half-dozen current or near-term Earth science missions, and learned about how a small fleet of highly specialized aircraft support those missions at an Airborne Science Showcase at NASA Dryden Flight Research Center's facilities at Edwards Air Force Base and in nearby Palmdale, Calif...Learn more
Keywords   Airborne Science, DC-8, ER-2, C-20A, Global Hawk, social media
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